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Provide social assistance, emergency relief, and children's reading promotion in Japan

The Project: Provide social assistance, emergency relief, and children's reading promotion in Japan

The Story: As the population in rural areas gradually ages and moves out, it is difficult for the elderly and children to travel out. Emergency disasters

such as floods often cause serious damage. Therefore, we cooperate with relevant governments and private units to provide various assistance

programs such as transportation assistance and emergency relief. . In addition, in order to help children develop reading habits and establish good

conduct, we promote mobile libraries and children's book donations.

The Results: YP Foundation cooperates with local governments to assist local residents and promote the following projects:

(1) Transportation assistance - Donate transportation vehicles to assist the elderly in rural areas to seek medical treatment and children to attend


  1. Medical and rehabilitation buses for the elderly in rural areas: Okayama Prefecture, Kumamoto Prefecture, Kochi Prefecture, Oita Prefecture

  2. Transportation bus for school children: Kuju Town, Oita Prefecture

  3. Hokkaido minibuses and bus shelters

(2) Emergency relief - when a natural disaster occurs, provide immediate public construction, road repair and material subsidies to help restore normal

life functions as quickly as possible:

  1. Heavy rain in Kyushu: Kusu Town, Oita Prefecture

  2. COVID virus: Hokkaido, Oita Prefecture, Nishinomot City, Shizuoka Prefecture Atami City, Miyagi Prefecture, Okinawa Prefecture

  3. Izu Landslide: Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture

  4. Typhoon: Wakoen, Mohara City, Chiba Prefecture, Oiko Town, Ibaraki Prefecture

(3) Mobile library and children’s book reading promotion: Donate mobile library carts and children’s books to promote reading activities in towns and

villages, such as Izumo City, Kumamoto Prefecture, Hokkaido, Oita Prefecture, Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture, and Nishinomot City

In the future, we will continue to promote the current plan and expand it to other areas in need to improve the lives, economic conditions and social

welfare of local residents.


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