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YP Foundation is a global organization with a focus on the key pillars of health and well-being, community and economic development, personal growth, and equal educational opportunities. These core principles guide our mission, and we collaborate with exceptional partners who share our commitment to these goals. Together, we are committed to bettering the lives of those in need and fostering hope for the future.


Our fundamental approach involves active and immersive engagement to gain a comprehensive insight into the community. We build from the ground up, implementing strategies for targeted skill development and provide resource subsidies tailored to the specific needs of disadvantaged groups. In times of emergencies, we extend economic, material, and other forms of assistance to mitigate the impact on these communities and thereby enhancing their quality of life. Our goal extends beyond immediate relief; we strive to cultivate long-term self-sufficiency. Empowering recipients to attain self-sufficiency and evolve into contributors, our vision is to create a perpetual cycle of goodwill and compassion—a force for enduring positive change.


We are driven by the belief that the transformative force of charity can play a vital role in creating a better world. We are steadfast in our belief that advancing life skills and education is crucial for supporting others and collaboratively addressing social inequality. Guided by the principles of 'good deeds, charity, and public welfare,' we are unwavering in our commitment to implementing diverse initiatives as catalysts for social development. We proactively engage to assist the vulnerable and those in need, with the overarching goal of perpetuating the spirit of charity and public welfare.


The footsteps of YP Foundation started from Taiwan, to northern Thailand, Cambodia, Shanghai, then Japan, and then the United States

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