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YP Foundation is a private family foundation created by Wang Yung-Ching, the founder of Formosa Plastics Group, and his wife, Lee Pao-Chu. A highly successful businessman, Mr. Wang long believed that one’s personal wealth could serve a greater good and that those fortunate enough to experience abundance should share it. YP Foundation works globally with carefully-selected partner organizations that support those in need by providing critical skills, resources, and infrastructure. As the next generation of family members join YP Foundation’s mission, we continue to seek out new ways to positively influence the lives of those who deserve it most. With every project, we aim to promote compassion and social harmony throughout the world.


We believe that every person is a seed that can be nurtured to help grow a better world.

We believe that by promoting life skills and education, we can empower others to lift themselves up and onward.

We believe that by solving problems at a community level, we can strengthen societies.

We show gratitude for our lives by giving back to others.


To alleviate suffering and improve the quality of life for the most vulnerable people around the world.


We are a family foundation dedicated to addressing global critical social issues by providing essential support and presenting new opportunities for traditionally challenged populations. 


Our mission concentrates on a holistic approach focusing on four key pillars - Health & Wellbeing, Community & Economic Development, Personal Growth & Opportunity, and Equality for all. Using these four pillars as our guide, we aim to make a significant impact in alleviating poverty, promoting global health and nutrition, and fostering equality and social harmony worldwide.


The footsteps of YP Foundation started from Taiwan, to northern Thailand, Cambodia, Shanghai, then Japan, and then the United States

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