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Assistance to residential care facilities for the disabled and children and adolescents (Japan)

The Story: There are approximately 585 child care facilities in Japan, of which 53.4% ​​are abused children and 23.4% have children with some kind of disability. In addition to the increasing number of children, the demand for professional care is also increasing.

We hope that through assistance from all walks of life, children in need of social care can grow up in a family-like environment and stable interpersonal relationships as much as possible.

YP conducts on-site visits to understand the needs and provides relevant assistance according to the organization's situation.

The Results:

1. Oita Prefecture Kuzu Town Akiun Welfare Association - Donate silhouette paintings, art supplies, colored pencils, picture books (DVDs), etc. to people with mental disabilities in Hapfuen.

2. Child care facility-Takanosu Gakuen, Oita Prefecture. Itoman City, Okinawa Prefecture - Fukuro Nakaen. Yonawara Town - Love Neighborhood Garden

In addition to food supplies and books, scholarships are also provided


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