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Housing for the Elderly (Vietnam & Taiwan)

The project: Repairing homes for the elderly, protecting them and promoting a safe living environment and higher quality of life in later age

The story: In 2011, when YP Foundation Chairman Lee Pao-Chu visited the rural area of Cu Chi, a district in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam, she observed how many local residents’ houses were dilapidated to the point of failing to shelter them from wind and rain. She immediately took action: in collaboration with sister charity CP Foundation, YP Foundation helped to fund Red Cross’s construction of over 80 new houses for seniors. The “houses of warmth”, as we call them, provided many low-income elderly Vietnamese with a newly safe and secure home that would protect them from the elements.

Seeing that economically disadvantaged elderly people in Taiwan experienced these same challenges, CP Foundation partnered with the Republic of China Elderly Welfare Promotion Alliance to construct new “houses of warmth” in Taiwan as well. That project improved elderly housing and also offered seniors a home appliance subsidy program.

The Results: With the Foundation’s support, 983 households underwent necessary repairs between 2011-2018 in Taiwan. This project is ongoing at this time.


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