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Social Assistance (Japan)

The Project: Transportation assistance - Donate transportation vehicles to help elders in rural areas seek medical treatment and children to go to school

The Story: As the population in rural areas gradually ages and moves out and bus routes are abolished, it has caused transportation inconvenience for the elderly, school children, and children when going out for medical treatment, schooling, and shopping.

Therefore, by donating transportation buses, we will improve transportation convenience for all people in rural areas.

The Results: Donate buses for medical treatment and rehabilitation for the elderly in rural areas: Hokkaido, Fukushima Prefecture, Okayama Prefecture, Kumamoto Prefecture, Kochi Prefecture, Oita Prefecture, Kagoshima Prefecture, and Okinawa Prefecture

Donation of transportation vehicles for school children: Kuju Town, Oita Prefecture

Donations of Hokkaido medium-sized buses, bus shelters, digital signage, etc.


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