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Bringing Early Education to Impoverished Villages (Cambodia)

The Project: Four preschools in Siem Reap Province, Cambodia, providing early education schooling and associated health benefits to the young children of poor and remote village families.

The Story: At present, less than 25% of Cambodian children ages 3-5 attend preschool. Where preschool has significant cognitive, physical, social, and emotional benefits, those who arrive at school at age 6 (which is compulsory) are at an immediate deficit. In rural and impoverished areas of Cambodia, attendance is sometimes affected by lack of access to the public school system. In partnership with Philanthropy Connections Foundation (PCF), an organization that supports people in vulnerable situations and KAKO (Khmer Akphiwat Khmer Organization), a non-profit organization in Cambodia encouraging community development through non-formal and health education programs in 21 rural villages surrounding Siem Reap, YP Foundation has been able to increase access for nearly 100 children. YP Foundation assisted in funding four different preschools in the Cambodian villages of Lvea, Snor, Kouk Srama and Kouk Thmei and immediately improving educational access as well as contributing to improved health and monitoring of these young children.

The Results: This project funded four different preschools for low income rural areas requiring access to early childhood education. We were able to provide class, teacher, and student materials as well as snacks and other required items. We are helping to close a significant gap in educational access for these regions of Cambodia and, by introducing early education, we enable rural children to start experiencing and valuing education at this critical time. However, the benefits of this project reach far beyond academics; each child experiences additional wellness benefits and receives personal and oral hygiene lessons and assistance, regular health assessments, and important nutritional supplements (the schools also provide fruit, milk and snacks).


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