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Pediatric Intensive Care (Cambodia)

Providing Pediatric Intensive Care in Cambodia

The Project: Providing prompt assessment, resuscitation, intensive care, and stabilization of injured or critically ill Cambodian children.

The Story: Angkor Hospital for Children’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (AHC PICU) believes every child has the right to a healthy life, and their goal is for all Cambodian children to have access to quality, compassionate medical care. In partnership with AHC, YP Foundation is helping to support the enhancement of the AHC PICU staff and healthcare professionals throughout Cambodia to help disseminate pediatric care knowledge and help create sustainable positive health outcomes for the children of Cambodia.

The Results: With co-funded support from the YP Foundation, throughout the first half of 2021, AHC’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) was able to continue to provide high-quality and specialized pediatric care to critically ill children in Cambodia.

In addition, AHC is also continuing to place a strong focus on programs that help enhance the training of its staff and healthcare professionals throughout Cambodia in hopes of helping to spread pediatric care knowledge to create sustainable positive health outcomes.

While this project is currently ongoing, some mid-year highlights from 2021 co-funded by YP Foundation include:

  • The delivery of treatment and bedside education to critically ill children and their caregivers

  • Essential refresher training and continuing education hours for medical and nursing staff

  • Rigorous monitoring of healthcare-acquired infections (HCAI) resulted in a significant 44% reduction in the HCAI incidence rate over the same period in 2020, even throughout the global pandemic.

  • Regular training and enforcement of Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) resulted in an excellent hand hygiene compliance rating of 91.3%

The Future: For the remainder of this year, co-funding support from the YP Foundation will allow AHC PICU to continue delivering treatment and bedside education to children requiring critical care and the capacity building of healthcare workers through continued education and experiential learning. In addition to this, with the ongoing support from the YP Foundation, AHC plans to invest in a specialized washer disinfectant machine, which cleans reusable circuits and tubes of vital PICU and surgical equipment to help further prevent healthcare-acquired infections.


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