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Restoring Sight for Children and Adults - A Global Approach

The project: YP Foundation continues its partnership with SEVA Canada in response to the pressing eye care needs of children and adults residing in economically challenged rural areas. This initiative will encompass pediatric programs in Burundi and Madagascar, alongside adult-focused programs in Tanzania, Nepal, and Cambodia.

The story: SEVA Canada is committed to delivering impactful eye care services that are tailored to the specific needs and contexts of each region. By combining local partnerships, dedicated facilities, and community-focused approaches, the goal is to make significant strides in improving eye health across Nepal, Cambodia, and various nations in sub-Saharan Africa.

In collaboration with the YP Foundation, SEVA Canada is poised to reach a significant number of individuals in need:

  1. Pediatric Focus: Burundi and Madagascar

  2. Adult Focus: Nepal, Cambodia, Sub-Saharan Africa

Establishing Pediatric Programs in Burundi and Madagascar:

Recognizing the challenges in pediatric ophthalmic services, this initiative involves sub-specialty training and the provision of essential equipment to ensure optimal care for children. YP Foundation’s partnership will provide the following:

1. Sub-specialty Training and Equipment:

  • Pediatric ophthalmic services demand specialized expertise and costly equipment. To address this, our initiative will invest in comprehensive sub-specialty training for healthcare professionals, ensuring they are equipped to provide quality care to children.

  • Funding will be allocated for the acquisition and maintenance of the necessary

2. Intensive Community Outreach Programs:

  • These programs aim to engage with local communities, raise awareness about

3. Travel and Accommodation Support:

  • To eliminate barriers to access, travel and accommodation costs for children

  • Collaborations with local transportation services and accommodations will be

4. Regular Post-operative Follow-up:

  • Recognizing the long-term nature of pediatric eye care, provisions will be

  • This ongoing care is essential to monitor children's vision health, address any

The primary objective of the program is to establish a sustainable and effective framework for pediatric ophthalmic services in Burundi and Madagascar, ensuring comprehensive eye care for children, irrespective of economic circumstances.

As a secondary initiative, YP Foundation will also support the establishment of a pilot low vision program in collaboration with a school for the blind located just north of Burundi’s capital city, Bujumbura. A specialized nurse trained in low vision will play a pivotal role in this program. The nurse will conduct comprehensive screenings of the children to assess their visual capabilities and provide low vision devices to those who can benefit from them. Furthermore, the nurse will impart training to the teachers at the school, enabling them to identify children with residual visual capacity. Teachers will be equipped to refer these children to the clinic for additional support and intervention, creating a collaborative and sustainable approach to addressing low vision challenges among the visually impaired student population.

Ongoing Adult Programs in Nepal, Cambodia and Tanzania


YP Foundation’s sponsorship will aid in providing cataract surgeries for two distinct groups in

Cambodia. Firstly, individuals attending Community Eye Centers (CEC) who require surgery but face financial constraints will receive support. Secondly, the initiative will aid residents in remote areas identified by outreach workers as needing surgical intervention. The Thma Puok Community Eye Center, established with support from YP Foundation’s 2022-23 year funding, will continue to provide primary eye care to patients. Additionally, we continue to help subsidize surgeries for Thma Puok CEC patients unable to afford the necessary procedures. Outreach activities by SEVA Cambodia field workers will continue in order to identify patients in remote communities and direct them to Bantay Meanchey Eye Unit for sight-restoring surgeries.


YP Foundation will aid in subsidizing sight-restoring surgeries in the Palpa, Gulmi, and

Arghachanchi (GAP) regions of Nepal. Recognizing the remoteness and low-income status of

these communities, a network of permanent Community Eye Centres (CECs) previously

established by SEVA Canada will conduct eye care outreach. These CECs will identify

individuals in need of surgeries, glasses, and medicines, referring them to Palpa Eye Hospital in Tansen for cataract surgeries. More complex cases will be addressed at the Lumbini Eye Institute near the Indian border.


In Tanzania, SEVA Canada's local partner, KCCO, collaborates with eye units in government

regional hospitals to enhance their capacity for high-quality eye care services. This involves

mentoring, providing equipment, and supporting outreach strategies. Recognizing the critical importance of outreach in community education and identifying individuals in need, YP Foundation remains steadfast in supporting direct outreach activities in the Mara, Kagera, and Ngorongoro regions of Tanzania. This commitment covers transportation, accommodation, and surgical intervention costs for patients identified during these outreach initiatives. By extending outreach efforts, the goal is to enhance community awareness, facilitate access to eye care services, and ensure that individuals in remote regions receive the necessary support for vision restoration and overall eye health

Latest Updates:

As this vital project progresses, please check back for updates on its developments and impact. Your continued interest in staying informed about the program is appreciated.


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